Mother’s Day 12th May

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Happy Mother’s Day Vibes

[muhth-er], noun:

1) a female parent. 2) a person who loves unconditionally.
3) a person who does the work of twenty, for free. 4) a person who is an expert multitasker. 5) a source of positive feminine energy.
see also: mum, mama, mommy, saint, friend, role model, superwoman

In our society our beautiful wahine are the glue that holds us all together.  Good feminine energy teaches us about love, respect, empathy, kindness, growth and connection.  Let’s take a moment to thank those in our life (including ourselves) for all that is done in this space.

Thank you to our Mothers, our Grans, Sisters, Babies and Friends.  Thanks to those who stepped into Mother’s roles and those that have given their heart to love others unconditionally.   This is a time for thanks, for remembering and for acknowledging.

Thank you Mothers, you quite literally make our world.

If you are shopping for a gift to foster fun & creativity, to nurture wellbeing and help encourage a calm and digital free relaxing hobby – may I suggest the the gift of MAKING

I’ve highlighted some options for you in the store (see below) and for the gift of ongoing making – how ’bout giving an on-going knitting subscription or signing your beloved human up for a knit-a-long?  Let them take a journey with other makers, you who knows, they just might make some new friends



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