Sumptuous by The Woven Co 2022 Updates

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Sumptuous by The Woven Co 2022 Updates

Hello hello!  Recently I did some surveying of your opinions on making Sumptuous in super limited edition colours (along with our fav neutral tones) and generally opened the discussion on this yarn to gain feedback from the community…. and what a response!
We call her the People’s Fav Knitting Yarn for a reason hahahaha

The discussion was prompted by the change of production house to woolly friends Woolyarns in Wellington – because this change will impact on how Sumptuous is made.

What came out of the forum was some awesome feedback, questions and suggestions.  So I wanted to take a moment to work through the key things I learnt from you!

Okay let’s start with a general overview of how the Sumptuous colour ranges work, namely that this is a small batch product and in ever changing colours.  My goal with this range was to keep her fresh, progressive and playful.  This means making most colours in just one run, so when it’s gone… well it’s gone.  Some of the neutral tones do get run again (like Rain and Midnight) but they will to be changed out after 2 or 3 batches.  So the range of colours that are available right now, are due to completely change… So the short story is..

If you have your eye on a colour, grab it now while you can – it won’t last

A lot of the questions that came up in the forum were around how long the colours will last, when are they getting low, when should I grab some etc… so take this is your official notice that the current range is depleting and I expect almost all the current colours to be gone within the next 2 to 3 months.
Especially low is Smoke, Silver, Pineapple and Rain

With the shift to the new production house, I am exploring the concept of very limited edition colours, perhaps in fun tonal palettes… while making a good base of neutral tones available – but expect these to be different tones to the current ones.  There were requests for earthy tones and rustic tones, and while these colours are gorgeous, they are not likely to feature in this range (expect to see these options with the return of Smooth Merino).

I opened the conversation in the forum on the yarn weight – and this prompted a few requests for it to be a DK weight yarn – so to be clear friends…

Sumptuous is a DK weight – she just puffs out to be fuller on bigger needles

I’m currently knitting her as mittens on 3.5mm needles:

And you can see she is very happy in this gauge too 🙂

I’ve decided to park the lighter weight option at this point – but will revisit it later.

For those that asked for a Chunky weight, I hear you!  If you knit 2 strands of Sumptuous together you do make a stunning chunky option AND I have a pattern in development just for you… and I have also just sampled a new luscious yarn in a Chunky weight too – so that might be work hooking into (pun intended!)

The colour survey for a 2022 limited release of colours came in as:

  1. Stormy Dark Hue (aka Heavy Rain)
  2. Vibrant Indigo Blue
  3. Light tonal / neutral (aka Light Rain)
  4. Soft Pink
  5. Minty / Blue-Green

Based on this, I have been narrowing down these epic new shades, along with a natural undyed too.

My goal is start a funding campaign for this wool in August so we can focus on getting these fun new colours in our hot little hands – are you keen too?

Anyhoo my loves, just a reminder, don’t leave it too late to grab the colours you love NOW as they will go

Loves to all



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