A NEW Luscious Yarn is Brewing

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Ok friends, putting yourself out there for help is always a total leap of faith… and this time the jump is HUGE 💥

A new luscious yarn is brewing…
This new yarn is the start of a new frontier in my production of NZ made wools ⚡️
You may have seen / heard that I have moved my production to the powerhouse that is Woolyarns in Wellington, which has me stepping up my game! To make this incredible fibre is quite literally making a dream come true… as in I have dreamed and dreamed of this yarn. I believe we need a delicious and luxurious chunky yarn made in NZ and made not to fluff and pill. This to me is the unicorn yarn. Fast knits, chunky knits and incredible throw blankets, soft to the touch and gentle on the skin…. and in some super fun eye popping colours and cleverly balanced neutrals. Sounds fun right?! AND in a stroke of what I believe is total genius, this incredible yarn will be available in a lighter weight too! Oh yeah!
So here we go friends!

A blend of Alpaca, Cashmere and Merino, dreamy and soft with a unique shine and bounce. Can you even imagine how lovely this is going to feel running through your hands?!
AND because I don’t do things by halves it is coming in two weights; a CHUNKY weight and it’s lighter friend (comparable to Sumptuous)
First test batch is due for release soooooooon, very very soon…

At this point, there is only a test batch in production, which is only the Neon and the Mauve Mist, along with a Natural. Pushing ahead with the next step for the full range is not confirmed.. we are not there yet… tbh it might take a wee while to get there. There are many factors, including funding.

I need your support to move through these steps – ultimately proving the case for this yarn and getting the full batch across the line.

Neon is an acid yellow, it has a really exciting edge to it that lifts it from any old bright yellow…
Mauve mist is a fine line between a soft neutral grey and a soft mauve purple. It’s a wonderful and intriguing neutral tone, with some real character…
These two colours go together and both will look so yummy with the Natural…. and natural will be a really lovely experience on it’s own.

I know so many of you are keen on the ‘other colours’ …. man I know I am…. but i’ve got to get the test batch resolved to make it happen. If I don’t nail this step, the whole project will have to be pushed back. These launch colours will not necessarily be available again either…

It is my woolly dreams to make this luxury yarn in both DKish yarn and a Chunky… a not been done before blend AND made in NZ!
Once I get my mitts on this test batch of wools I’m jumping straight into designing a modern chunky jumper and a delicious snuggly throw… for those of you that have secured wools, you’ll get these pattern FREE as soon as I can get them drafted up!

For those that have pledged YOU ROCK! Thank you for your support, your faith and your belief in this new new new yarn we are making together….


Updates on the delivery coming soooooooon

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