Wee Noggin – Free Baby Hat Knit Pattern

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Knitted beanies, hats, headwarmers, tammies or whatever you prefer to call them, are a staple in any wardrobe, and an absolute necessity for a baby. This pattern was created as a quick simple knit, and also a template for creative design. Enjoy!

Working with The Woven’s new yarn; Sumptuous, you can easily bring in pops of colour and create your own story. Fun! The yarn is a natural blend of NZ fibers: Polwarth wool and Alpaca. Soft, full and perfect wee babies.

This pattern is suitable for beginner to intermediate, those comfortable with knit, purl, cast on and off, and happy to knit in the round. You will need to decrease at the top using the method of knitting two stitches together (K2TOG). I’ve made the pattern plain, but included some design ideas at the end to personalise your piece.

Hope you enjoy our new pattern 🙂



4.5 mm needles circular needles with 60 cable and/or double pointed needles

1 x 75grm ball of Sumptuous (Newborn size will fit into 1 x 25grm ball)

1 x stitch markers


Newborn | Baby / Toddler | Child


Cast on:

Cast on 60 (68,76) stitches.

Set Up:

Knit one row plain, and then join in the round. Be careful to ensure the row isn’t twisted. Place your stitch marker on your needle between the last and first stitch of the round, so you know where a round finishes.

Knit two, purl two around the round (K2,P2). Keep repeating this round until the band measures 7cm (9cm, 11cm)


The main body of the hat is knit in plain stocking stitch, but as you are knitting in the round this will be to knit every stitch. Knit around the rounds until the body measures 5cm (6cm, 8cm)

Decrease Setup:

Knit 13 (15,17) then nit two stitches together (K2tog) – repeat this sequence around the round. You will finish with 56 (64, 72)


All sizes can now follow the same format of decreases, here are the rounds:

  1. Knit 6, then knit two stitches together (K6, K2TOG) around
  2. Knit around
  3. Knit 5, then K2TOG around
  4. Knit around
  5. Knit 4, K2TOG around
  6. K3, K2TOG around
  7. K2, K2TOG around
  8. K1, K2TOG around
  9. K2TOG around


Break yarn and draw it through your remaining stitches (taking them off the needle). You can do this with a darning needle to make it easier. Draw it up tight to close the gap at the top, and secure the yarn with a wee knot. Weave in your ends.

Design Ideas:

  1. Knit the band in a contrasting colour
  2. Knit the cast-on row in a contrasting colour
  3. Add a pom-pom
  4. Add a decorative stripe after the band
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